Himalayan Connections

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Join a Mindful Travel program in the heart of the Himalaya, surrounded by rugged and lofty peaks, monasteries and chanting monks, bustling markets and sacred groves, delightful birds and blossoming flowers, and a collage of contemporary and indigenous cultures. Mindful travel is a way to engage the world as fully as possible, by cultivating a mindful awareness of oneself and others, and using that mindfulness as a springboard for compassionate and caring exchange.

Mindfulness is an exceptional foundation for travel because it is simple, ordinary, and unpretentious; mindfulness is not a mystical or occult experience — it is a way to relax, to become open to new experiences, and to share oneself with others. Moreover, mindfulness is a practice that you can take with you wherever you go.

If you join us, you will learn that Sikkim is a ‘Hidden Land’, nestled in a huge basin surrounded by some of the loftiest peaks in the Himalaya. The land is held to be sacred, and a ‘pilgrimage’ through the hills of Sikkim becomes an exploration of Himalayan religions, cultures, and environments.

Our Mindful Travel program is an opportunity to explore the rich cultures, environments, and religions of the Himalaya, with a particular mode or approach to travel. Please contact us for more information!


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